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Procurement fraud is one of the most common and costly of all white collar crimes. Fraudulent activities are normally recorded in a company's data in some way. The question is: how do you expose the piece of information in mountains of data available in a company?
  1.1 SAS Fraud Framework (Procurement)
SFF Procurement gives an organisation the ability to proactively monitor and detect potential fraudulant activities in a continuous manner.
  1.2 PROCAT Standalone (Procurement)
With PROCAT Standalone version, we have the ability to perform an electronic review of your procurement data. The analysis will include all data relating to procurement and more than 60 different tests will be performed against your data. The results will be presented in a user friendly front end. This will include a high level overview of risk areas in your procurement cycle as well as the detail of all failed exceptions.
  1.3 PROCAT Web (Insurance, etc.)
With PROCAT Web, you have the ability to outsource your procurement analytics. The results can be updated at selected intervals. A secure login will be provided that will allow you to view your results with a user friendly web interface.
  1.4 Facebook Friend Finder
Facebook friend finder allows you to use public available data to identify links between different people. The application allows you to automate the retrieval of a facebook friend list by "crawling" the faceboook pages of a specific individual(s). The output can complement other analytic solutions/routines such as identifying possible conflicts of interest between an employee and supplier.

Time line capturing caters for the specialised needs of organisations to track time and expenses for accurate accounting, job/project costing purposes, real-time reporting and billing. Multi-purpose timesheets are utilised by staff to record time for all client and project activities.

Apart from our unique encase scripting capabilities, a number of forensic tools have been developed in-house to provide our customers with a more cost effective and efficient service.
  3.1 SIPAT (Source Code Comparison Tool)
Intellectual property (IP) theft is a greater cyber security threat than cyber war and malicious attacks from rogue hackers. IP Owners are granted certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets, including source code. With SIPAT Source Code Comparison Tool we are able to compare the source code of different systems. This includes the number of files, programming languages used, keyword searches, fuzzy syntax matches between programs, matches on comments, etc.
  3.2 Metadata Timeline Viewer
Computers or systems can contain a large number of files. The metadata (the data about the data) for these files are even more. (e.g. when a file was created, modified, authors, copied, deleted, event logs, etc.) We have developed a metadata timeline viewer to visually represent certain aspects of the metadata. This is very useful especially when looking at certain keywords; or when trying to use the metadata to trace files between custodians.
Evidence at your finger tips
Cyberforensics entails the detection of evidence from any electronic communication media, which means translating the binary data (computer code) into electronic evidence in support of legal proceedings. Its main aim is to ensure that the collected electronic evidence should be able to withstand legal scrutiny in a court of law (if so required). Cyberforensics may serve many different purposes from risk management and civil litigation, to criminal prosecution and disciplinary action.

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