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Cyberforensics entails the detection of evidence from any electronic communication media, which means translating the binary data (computer code) into electronic evidence in support of legal proceedings. Its main aim is to ensure that the collected electronic evidence should be able to withstand legal scrutiny in a court of law (if so required). Cyberforensics may serve many different purposes from risk management and civil litigation, to criminal prosecution and disciplinary action.

Our blend of expertise is truly unique:

We have an in-depth knowledge and holistic understanding of the latest and emerging technologies available in the cyberforensics space. This is gleaned from our technical expertise and experience in information security and hacking investigations and in designing and developing various computer and communication system hardware and software.

Our services include:
  • Investigation support in criminal and civil search and seizures.
  • Development and customisation of technology in support of proactive fraud detection mechanisms.
  • Developing software components to automate forensic and data mining processes using platforms such as Encase enscripting, Perl and other coding languages.
  • Providing quick reaction and incidence response for security breaches and time-critical investigations.
  • Providing you with digital evidence extraction and analysis services. We can extract electronic evidence from most communication media such as computers, cell phones, networking devices and other communication devices.
  • Providing you with technical support in the full process of a forensic investigation from legal document drafting to search and seizure, analysis, reporting and expert witness testimony.
  • Providing you with data recovery services as well as incident recovery support.
We use sophisticated data collection technology and analysis to wring every last drop of value from your business data. Our analysts possess top-notch quantitative analysis and interpretation skills that will allow us to explain complex technical data, simply.

Some of our services:
  • Procurement and payroll analysis (identification of red flags).
  • Identification of trends and/or anomalies hidden in huge volumes of data.
  • Reconciliation between different ledgers or different systems.
  • Complex recalculations on volumes of data.
  • Journal analysis according to accounting standards (ISA240 and SAS99).
  • The ability to tailor specific data solutions allowing our experts to customise solutions according to your organisation's needs, irrespective of whether it is forensic-related or not.
  • Data migration support for large volumes of data.
We have developed and customised various applications for clients to address their unique environments and specific needs. This application development has included the development of customised fraud detection applications as well as forensic tools in scenarios where commercial forensic tools are not effective.

Apart from the forensic application development, we have also developed business process support components such as:
  • Web-based questionnaires with a reporting capability.
  • Time management systems.
  • Project management systems.
  • Various online and offline forensic investigations tools.
Normal forensic imaging requires manual human intervention when using tools such as Encase and Forensic Toolkit (FTK). At FACTS we utilise Encase Scripting to automate and reduce the time it takes to create and analyse a forensic image. Based on your requirements we can reduce imaging and analysis from days to hours as most of the steps in the process can be automated.

We can:
  • Reduce the time it takes in mounting compound or compressed files prior to keyword searches.
  • Generate an audit trail that will show where Encase had problems mounting or searching files.
  • Automate checking of installed operating systems and last modified files on the system.
  • Automate search for files that have modified extensions and renaming the files to the correct value.
  • Accurately encrypt file detection.
  • Automate filtering of files when searching and removing, thus reducing the time spent to search.
  • Automate export and listing of file/s containing keywords.
  • Legally ring fence email, (filtering email defined as "data in transit" as opposed to ‚Äústored data") that can also be customised for country-specific legislation.
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